Telecom Margin Recovery & Operating Excellence


Service Provider Solutions focuses on the specific needs and challenges facing telecommunications service providers. Our clients include broadband service providers, competitive local exchange carriers, cable operators, independent telephone companies, long distance/wholesale and wireless service providers.

We help telecommunications service providers better plan and manage their businesses, specializing in recovering revenues, costs and margins for our clients.

Having managed virtually every telecom functional area over the course of our careers, SPS's decades-long experience in the telecommunications marketplace results in an intimate understanding of  the key revenue, cost and margin drivers of the telecom service provider business. We are firm believers in the "80-20" rule - a focus on the key issues impacting costs, revenues and margins will deliver 80% of the benefit.  This philosophy ensures that the most important problems and challenges affecting our clients are resolved first, delivering swift benefits.

We also believe in fact-based decision making and quantifying the impacts of any problem or solution.  This translates into clear expectations of expected outcomes and an attractive payback for our client engagements. Our solutions have helped service providers recover millions of revenue and expense dollars, improve business processes and develop best-in-class functional performance. Clients appreciate our flexible approach and pragmatic thinking, combined with a keen eye towards profitability and ROI.  We'll take you from idea to analysis to action.